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Worden’s Wine Club is a unique opportunity for wine enthusiasts across the spectrum to enjoy top quality wines from around the world each month without any hassle, guesswork, or disappointment.

Worden’s staff pride themselves on decades of experience in the wine business, and their reputation is known widely in the industry. By being a regular and consistent buyer for so many years,Worden’s is able to purchase many fine wines that are highly sought after, hard to find, and with limited distribution. Worden’s knowledgeable staff are dedicated to finding the best wines for the best value for their customers, and have traveled around the globe to visit wineries, and to taste and learn about specific grape varieties.

The concept of a Worden’s Wine Club has been over ten years in the making, and finally in 2009, that idea became a reality. During that time, the wine industry has been undergoing a revolution in technology and wine making, which has resulted in more eclectic, unusual, and interesting wines becoming available to the public. Increased investment in the industry has also helped produce an ever expanding variety of grapes, with many rare indigenous and ancient strains enjoying a comeback. Worden’s staff are constantly researching to find the most outstanding wines for their customers and members.

Worden’s Wine Club participants can choose from three levels of membership: Premier, Reserve, and Connoisseur. Each level provides exceptional value for its associated cost. Because Worden’s has been in the wine business for almost 30 years, the combination of knowledge, established buying relationships, and customer service makes Worden’s a great choice in joining a wine club.

With your Worden’s Wine Club member ship you will receive:

* Two specially selected different bottles of wine. (Previous selections are posted for your review.)
* 15% discount on stemware, accessories and books.
* Free Riedel stem when you sign up and at each one year anniversary afterward ($25 to $125 value!).
* 15% discount on reorder wine purchases.

At Worden’s Wine Club, our goal is to help you enjoy a wonderful world of wine that you might not otherwise find easily. And, you can opt out of your club membership at anytime. Sign up today, and start enjoying the great wines that only Worden’s Wine Club can offer!

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